#1 Consulting, Life Coach, and Mentor!

Hollywood Kevin Stone is a Master Hypnotist and a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist. He is recognized as the #1 global expert and authority on hypnosis as well as America’s Most Trusted and Awarded Hypnotist. Kevin’s hypnosis techniques are sought-after by world and business leaders, top athletes, celebrities, and help hundreds of people daily to improve their lifestyles for the better.

You may have seen Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone on MTV’S Hit Show Teen Mom OG, The Tyra Banks Show, Extra, Celebrity Fit Club, Good Morning Live, Good Morning LA, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and MTV as well as many major news outlets. Heard on the radio or read about in all of the major papers, magazines, and publications. He has been a consultant to many world leaders as well as opening shows for the band Starship. Kevin is featured in articles for Cosmopolitan, Star, People, The Los Angeles Times, and many more around the globe.

Kevin has hypnotized over 1 million people for smoking, weight, and stress.

Holder Of The Highest Honorary Awards And Degrees.

  • Board Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Specialized Hypnosis Practice Since 1995
  • Consulted By Many Celebrities
  • Fully Licensed And Insured
  • Hundreds of TV & Radio Appearances
  • Consultant For TMJ, Autism, and Eating Disorders
  • Consultant for Law Enforcement Agencies, Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Lawyers, Fortune 500 Corporations, Pro and College Sports Teams, and Real Estate Companies

Kevin Stone, C.Ht. is an internationally acclaimed expert in the psychology of getting results He is the author of the Total Power Programming CD’s “Stop Smoking Now” and “Lose Weight Now” as well as 22 other CD programs. Available PRODUCTS page

The responsibility of a hypnotherapist is to explore a client’s past traumas, unconscious conflicts, and family history, in order to understand their current beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that may be blocking them in their current life. 

Most great therapists do this work. Kevin Stone, C.Ht. is no exception; he simply accesses the subconscious belief system, especially the beliefs we live by which unknowingly limit us.

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist Kevin has changed lives by treating stress, anxiety, addictions, chronic pain, and more.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your life and make the most of opportunities, I can help. Hypnotist Kevin Stone offers a personalized life coach service to help you get back on track. Perhaps you’re struggling with your mental health or you have hopes but no idea how to achieve them? I can offer one-to-one sessions to help you work through your problems and look to the future, facing your challenges head-on with renewed confidence.

Making you feel better!

Whether it’s business or personal goals that you’re desperate to achieve, look no further. With a life coach, you can stop putting up with annoyances that are getting you down, create momentum to help you achieve results, set better goals, and free up more time or energy. From your first appointment, we will make you feel much better about life and capable of making a change for the better.

Oprah Winfrey, Tom Brady, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Serena Williams are just a few of the celebrities who claim a life coach has changed their lives. But it’s not just the famous who can benefit. Business owners, managers, start-ups and domestic types can all take advantage of Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone to help them achieve their goals. Don’t struggle on your own when you can get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time with the support and tools of a skilled hypnotherapist and coach.

Get Self-Help Through The Power Of Hypnosis!

Kevin Stone has created a totally new revolutionary breakthrough system, a series of power-packed hypnotic programs all on compact disc. These innovative programs are part of the Total Power Programming™ package and can be utilized alone or as an adjunct to private hypnotherapy sessions. Each CD contains complete instructions on how best to use it and derive the maximum benefit. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind in which the subconscious part of the mind becomes open and receptive to positive, beneficial suggestions. These powerful suggestions on each CD will improve the quality of your life and help to remove unwanted bad habits or behaviors.