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     Kevin Stone has created a totally new revolutionary breakthrough system, a series of power-packed hypnotic programs all on compact disc.  These innovative programs are part of the Total Power Programming package, and can be utilized alone or as an adjunct to private hypnotherapy sessions.  Each CD contains complete instructions on how best to use it and derive the maximum benefit.   Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind in which the subconscious part of the mind becomes open and receptive to positive, beneficial suggestions.  These powerful suggestions on each CD will improve the quality of your life and help to remove unwanted bad habits or behaviors.


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stop smoking now


     Are you frustrated that nothing you’ve tried so far has worked:  “cold turkey,”
nicotine patches, gum or pills?  Are you aware that nicotine, even in small doses,
is probably the most addictive substance known to mankind?  Cigarette
manufacturers have spent millions of dollars to find ways to increase the amount
of nicotine found in their products to keep you addicted.  If you have tried other
methods and failed, then Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough system:
Total Power Programming STOP SMOKING NOW!  CD is for you!
Through hypnosis, you will utilize the power of your own mind to free yourself
from nicotine addiction forever.  Subliminal reinforcement on the CD will help you
to resist cravings, unwanted weight gain, and reduce unpleasant side effects of
nicotine withdrawal.  Stop smoking permanently today and live a longer, healthier,
and happier life!

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     Want to be more successful?  Do you feel that “something” is holding you back
from accomplishing your dreams or goals?   Do you feel dissatisfied with what life
has to offer and know you deserve more?  What ever your goals may be, you can
succeed and change your life!  You need Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough
system:  Total Power Programming ACHIEVE SUCCESS NOW!  CD
to unleash your hidden and undiscovered potential! This CD provides a workable
guide for you to realize your own potential for happiness and success.  It will
show you techniques for defining, then achieving your personal goals.  Unlock the
tremendous powers of your subconscious mind and put them to work for you.
Obtain the success that you could only dream of before!

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      Are you frustrated when all your hard efforts to lose weight seem futile?
You work hard by strictly following a weight loss regimen.  The weight gradually
comes off, only to return with a vengeance!  What ever you do, the pounds just
will not stay off!  The goal of any successful weight loss program should be to
re-establish a normal healthy weight you can maintain for the rest of your life.
Fad diets, drinks, or pills are not a “magic” cure.  Even sheer “will power” can let
you down in the long run.  Why do these methods fail?  It is because old unhealthy
eating and lifestyle patterns are still embedded deep within your subconscious
mind.  If not corrected, your subconscious mind will continue to sabotage your
best efforts.  You need Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough system:
Total Power Programming LOSE WEIGHT NOW!  CD to supplement
your efforts to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle you can live with.
Learn the practice of using deep relaxation and positive imagery to obtain
your goal.  This CD offers subliminal messages that will help you to attack your
weight problem.  Deal directly with your subconscious mind and get rid of those
unwanted bad habits.  You will be surprised at how easily and effortlessly the
pounds and inches seem to just melt away, never to return!  No hunger pangs,
cravings or feeling deprived!  The results of this CD are remarkable.
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     Want to feel good and free from unwanted stress or anxiety?  Are you
overwhelmed from the burdens of the day-to-day existence?  Are you wound
up so tightly that you feel like you are about to snap?  Want to take a vacation,
but can not get away trapped by your busy, hectic lifestyle?  If this is you,
then you are in dire need of Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough system:
Total Power Programming ULTIMATE RELAXATION  CD.  Most
people think that stress is a “natural” part of living.  Scientific study has proved
that excessive stress over a prolonged period of time can weaken your body’s
immune system, cause premature aging and even death.  You can eliminate the
potential harmful effects of stress by using this CD daily.  Release yourself from
the grip of everyday tension by utilizing completely natural and deeply relaxing
techniques.  Allow hypnosis to gently guide you into a state of ultimate relaxation
and freedom.  Take a “mini-vacation” when or where ever you wish!  You will
be amazed at how energetic, positive, and good you will feel!  You need this CD!
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     Want to change your life for the better?  Are you unhappy, frustrated, or
feel “stuck?”  Are you seeking to improve the quality of your life, but are not
sure how?  Do you have any bad habits which plague you and you can not
seem to get rid of them?  Is sheer determination or “will power” alone not
enough? Then you need Kevin’s revolutionary breakthrough system:
Total Power Programming SELF-HYPNOSIS CD.  This amazing
CD will teach you the powerful techniques of self-hypnosis to give you the
power of your own mind.  Most people unwittingly sabotage themselves from
accomplishing their dreams due to old negative destructive programming,
which lies buried deep within the walls of the subconscious mind.  Self-Hypnosis
is a method that allows one to open wide the gates of the subconscious mind.
In this natural deeply relaxed state, the subconscious mind can easily be
re-programmed, allowing easy removal of old unwanted bad habits and
behaviors.  By harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, you can
easily accomplish whatever goals you desire.

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