What people are saying about Kevin’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows, Consulting, Seminars, and Speeches. Here is a sample of some of the REVIEWS Kevin has received.

“I attended Kevin Stone’s Personal Empowerment Seminar. Now, I’m ready to take on the world! I feel so strong and confident in my abilities to handle anything. I really enjoyed the exercises and practice sessions he had us do. It was great!”
Pat Hardy
Internet Consultant
“Kevin Stone’s Stress Reduction Seminar is a must! He’s great! I’d recommend his seminar to anyone who needs to learn how to relax, manage their time better, and reduce stress in their life.”
Allan Light
Mortgage Broker
“Kevin gave a terrific speech at our regional company meeting. He was very energetic, funny, and got his point across. We all enjoyed it. My own feelings of self-esteem have doubled after listening to Kevin. Thanks!”
Kimberly Bennett
Travel Consultant
“I attended Kevin’s Stop Smoking Seminar about six months ago. Believe me, I was a heavy smoker. My work offered the seminar to us employees for free, so I thought, what did I have to lose by attending it? Boy, I’m sure glad I did. I no longer have the desire to smoke. I have been using Kevin’s Stop Smoking Now! hypnosis CD as well. I can declare myself now as a “non-smoker!”
Robert Valle
“Kevin did a stress reduction seminar for our company. It was really cool! He even did a hypnosis stage show after the seminar! What a blast! I laughed so hard. He’s a great seminar leader and showman!”
Jason Krueger
Telephone Systems Repair
“Kevin came to our college and presented a seminar on improving our study habits, memory retention, and test-taking skills. He was great! I aced that engineering exam! I’d recommend his seminar to all other college students.”
Robert Cook
Engineering Student
“I attended Kevin Stone’s “How to Improve Your Business” seminar. He had us do a lot of different exercises in communication and I gained lots of knowledge on how to properly run my business and apply what I learned to my everyday customers.”
Terry Moore
Small Business Owner
“I attended Kevin’s Weight Loss Seminar. It was motivating, entertaining, and made losing weight fun. I now have a better idea as to why I’ve been unsuccessful in the past. I bought Kevin’s Lose Weight Now! CD and I’ve already lost 5 pounds! I’m so excited! I’d recommend Kevin’s seminar to everyone.”
Michelle Diamond
Registered Nurse
“I attended Kevin’s Achieve Success Now! seminar. I was feeling lost and unsure of which career path to take. Now I have a much better idea as to what I want to accomplish in life. I now know what blocks have been holding me back from my goals. I bought his Achieve Success Now! hypnosis CD since I want to stay motivated.”
Damon Sanders
College Student
“Kevin presented a motivational speech at our Union convention. He is a great entertainer. I enjoyed every minute and didn’t want him to stop talking.”
David Brockmeyer
“Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone is one of the most gifted, Talented, and mystifying entertainers of our time!
NY Times
“Kevin Stone’s Hypnosis Show touched our consciousness and challenged our minds!”
J. Nasser-Mercedes
Benz Corp